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About Us

In 2004 a group of 20 prestigious real estate agents from nine countries in Europe came together to form the European Real Estate Network, EREN. The result is an international non-profit organisation of leading property firms with the purpose of maintaining and, indeed, expanding on the highest levels of service in luxury residential real estate.

Founded by long-established firms that enjoy a leading position and a reputation for quality and integrity within their respective regions and markets, EREN is an organisation that reflects and sets forth the high standards and business ethics of its members. The first of its kind, it is a pan-European network of top property professionals who guarantee the highest standards of service and the finest residential real estate across the countries it covers.


Our Mission

EREN was founded as a means to bring together the professional skills, international contacts and resources of its prestigious member-agencies in order to provide not only a network of highly reputable real estate specialists, but also to establish a platform on a pan-European scale that amplifies the marketing, promotion and sourcing of quality residential real estate.

EREN’s member agencies build on their enviable individual reputations and longstanding working relationships to exchange information, listings and contacts in a way that facilitates the smooth operation of property transactions and renders the marketing of luxury properties much more effective.

Through EREN, new standards are set, a code of ethics and conduct is established and monitored, new members are vetted carefully and a host of improvements and initiatives are set in motion with a view to establishing a reference point for excellence in pan-European real estate.

The benefits for member agencies are many, but ultimately it is their clients, be they buyers, sellers or property investors, who gain from working with a forward-thinking new pan-European organisation that builds upon the solid reputations of long-established leaders in their field.

How EREN can assist you

For owners wishing to sell their premium properties, EREN opens the doors to a vast market of potential, qualified buyers.

For those looking to buy a top-end property, EREN leads the way, via personal referral, to the finest choice of handpicked homes and estates in the most beautiful locations around Europe.

In addition, dealing with a pan-European network of leading brokerage companies provides investor groups and developers of premium properties and luxury residential developments with an international platform through which projects can be marketed or sourced by means of a single contact channel that covers up to nine different countries in Europe.


The Synergies of dealing with a pan-European network

As a truly pan-European network for exclusive properties, EREN draws on the combined property portfolios of its member-agencies to offer a superb selection of the finest residences and estates available for sale in Europe.

Equally, client bases of buyers and sellers represent a cross-section of high net-worth individuals with a sophisticated international lifestyle and outlook on property purchase and investment.

Within individual countries or across international borders, the European Real Estate Network and its members are on hand to arrange personal referrals and short-listing services for discerning clients.

EREN Facts

The Leading Brokers of Europe are local – and international – leaders in the marketing and sale of luxury residential real estate. They are specialist boutique brokerage companies.

– 26 Offices
– 9 countries
– 20 leading property firms
– Thousands of select properties in hundreds of prime locations

The result

Efficiency, Integrity, Effectiveness & Peace of Mind