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Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Al Gaggio- sophisticated, modern living on the slopes of Orselina.

The very modern building project blooms, with its latest finishing touches, on the slopes of Orselina, high above the Lago Maggiore. The first residents are already enjoying their well lit apartments as well as the magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

The different characteristics of the appartments show that the application and use of basic materials (concrete, glass and wood), do not necessarily translate into a lower style of living, as the the slight modifications in layout as well as in usage of the materials rather underline the different design demands of the various residents. Some have chosen to build their appartments in wood, others in different materials. Whichever the material however, the appartments always appear noble, elegant, and valuable.
By adding enormous glass doors, as well as glass hand rails and concrete walls, a very modern and metropolitan atmosphere is created, which is common of such high quality properties.

A speedy selling of these properties is to be expected.

You too can still take advantage of this opportunity and become the proud owner of one of these fabulous appartments, overlooking the Lago Maggiore. Contact us for more information.


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