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Friday, June 17th, 2016

The masia Black Tower is for sale again

The masia Black Tower in Sant Cugat del VallésNamed the Torre Negra (literally in English “Black Tower”) because of the dark colour of its walls, this property with a history of more than a thousand years is located in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallés, to the north-west of Barcelona.

The masia is for sale and provides a wonderful opportunity to acquire a unique property in a charming area right in the centre of Collserola Natural Park.

Spread over three floors, the building has a total floor area of 1,200m2 and sits on a 3 hectares plot of land surrounded by 85 hectares of forest. Thanks to its location on a hill between two rivers and on the border between Vallés’ crop field plains and the Collserola mountain range, the property boasts wonderful views over the surroundings.

This is a military construction that was built in the 10th Century to defend Sant Cugat’s monastery from the invasion of the Muslim leader Almanzor during the Arab conquest. With this aim three additional fortresses were risen, with Black Tower being the only building of this type that still stands.

Black Tower, a property with historyBlack Tower was owned by Sant Cugat’s monastery, as well as different feudal families from the 14th Century. The Vilanova, overlords of the monastery in 1145 were the first owners, but a short time after, the masia was bought by the Palou family who carried out the building’s reconstruction, despite the monk’s opposition. In the 18th Century, the construction was once again owned by the Monastery and its land was used as agricultural holding toward the end of the 19th century, when it was passed into the hands of the state following the expropriation of ecclesiastical properties promoted by the Mendizábal disentailment law.

The current owners acquired the masia in a public auction, but during the Spanish civil war it was confiscated from them by the city council. After which the council vacated the property and publicly auctioned it, the owners acquired it again.

Interior of the property


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