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Monday, April 30th, 2012

Buchinger Clinic located in Marbella, Spain, helps you to relax and unwind

For decades now the Buchinger Clinic has been a retreat to help you relax and de-stress due to the desirable climate within this town, which helps to reinforce physical and mental wellbeing.

Buchinger Clinic

The Buchinger Clinic is only located within 2 countries, in Malaga, Spain, as well as in Überlingen on Lake Constance in Germany, as these 2 areas feature an ideal setting and well designed methods for restoring people back to a relaxed and stress-free state.

This clinic uses a naturopathy method developed by Doctor Otto Buchinger, which is a recuperative process that reduces the levels of toxins within the body, thus detoxifying and restoring the body to its natural level.

On the whole, this is a diet-based process which combines fasting, exercise and tranquillity to reduce, not only the levels of harmful toxins within the body, but in addition to develop muscle tone, fitness levels and to reduce stress.

Stress, unhealthy lifestyles and diets contribute greatly to reduced immunity, high levels of toxins, lack of vitamins and anxiety. The methods applied at the Buchinger Clinic have achieved international fame for their non-invasive ways to improve societies health-related problems without the vast need of medication.

Expert medical staff assess each patients needs individually, however the common solution to many of the health problems is to pay attention to a detoxification routine. This consists of drinking herbal teas, vegetable bouillon and plenty of fruit juices. If patients are suffering from weight, metabolic or fatigue disorders, they are invited to stay for a short period of time at the clinic in order for their body to find its right balance. Unfit patients are encouraged to exercise as well as to unwind and find time for themselves before returning back home.

The attractive weather and scenery within Marbella, in addition to the top amenities and tranquillity within the Buchinger Clinic encourages patients to unwind, de-stress and consider a healthier diet for when they return back home.



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