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Buying in Denmark

Denmark Real Estate Practices

In Denmark, sellers are typically represented by an estate agency. The fees paid by the seller to the agency selling the property are usually 3% – 4% of the sales price, plus the costs of any advertising or documentation relating to the sale.

Buyers can be represented by either an estate agency or a lawyer and are responsible for their fees. An estate agency cannot work for both parties and must have a written contract with the party they represent. Properties are listed exclusively.

A verbal contract may be valid in Denmark, but a contract for the sale of property between buyer and seller must be in writing (koebsaftale) and contains the information stated on the deed and also that on the sale agreement. It is not necessary to have such a contract witnessed unless it is registered instead of a deed. The contract is not notarised.

All property transactions are registered with the Danish Land Registry which is accessible electronically to the public. When a sale is concluded, on registration of the deed (skoede), tax amounting to a sum of 1,440 DKK (Danish Krone) is payable by the buyer, together with a registration fee of 0.6% of the purchase price, or the official valuation whichever is higher.

Mortgages are available in Denmark.