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Buying in Switzerland

What are the legal requirements for a foreign national wishing to buy real estate in the Canton of Geneva?

To justify family resettlement in the Canton of Geneva, a foreign national must posses either a valid residency or work permit:

permits C,B,G (secondary residence) and L (student permit) or be able to justify a family resettlement to be able to move into the Canton of Geneva.

The following may also freely acquire real estate:

– Foreigners who have the C permit as long as they are acting for themselves and the financing does not come primarily from foreign sources (more than 80%).

– Citizens of the European Union if they already have a domicile in Switzerland.

– All foreign nationals, even those not having residency in Switzerland, as long as the real estate being purchased will be entirely dedicated to commercial activities.

Except for the cases described above, foreign nationals desiring to purchase real estate need to ask for the proper authorization.

In Geneva, the officials who provide this authorization are located at the “Direction des affaires juridiques du Département de l’économie, de l’emploi et des affaires extérieures”: www.etat-ge.ch

More information in this pdf: Guide_fiscal_CS_anglais.pdf