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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Cala Barraca, cove of beauty

La Barraca beach in JáveaCala Barraca is the type of setting people daydream about when being stuck in the office and it doesn’t stop raining outside- where blue water envelopes a beach that is bordered by high pine trees. Granted, the beach is more pebbly than sandy, yet it by no means  deters those looking for relative solitude and beauty under the Spanish sun. It is a very classic example of a secluded and peaceful cove located along the shore just south of Jávea and is everything that the Mediterranean stands for.

Just across the small bay a charming cape can be seen poking out into the clear blue water of the Mediterranean – the lovely island of Portitxol. With a diameter of merely 300 metres, this enchanting islet consists of various beaches and cliffs covered in pines only a short distance away from the shore. A fantastic seafood restaurant on the seaside as well as parking facilities make this a cosy place to enjoy the the sea, sun and fresh air.

lsland of Portitxol in JaveaCala Barraca is named after the traditional fishermen’s cottages that stand along the edge of the beach to this day. It still resembles the bay in times when little fishing boats and vessels were used. It is an idyllic spot, which remains authentic and unspoiled. Archeological finds that were discovered recently, confirm that the island and coast here were once the centre of a vibrant trading route.

Mirador 7 Creu del PortitxolAlthough it is rather tempting to pass the day by relaxing on the beach, enjoying the water and having lunch or tapas while you let your gaze wander across the water, there are also several possibilities for the more active visitor, who can make the most of this area by walking on a specially designed route that leads from the Creu Portitxol lookout point on the cliff side down to the bay and all the way to the island of Portitxol itself.

Being merely 750m long, it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes and yet it offers stunning views of the island, cliffs and coast as you begin your way from the vantage point down to the beach through the lovely countryside. Despite its size, the island has a lot to offer, ranging from archeological sites dating back to the Roman period and even to pre-historical times to beautiful views of the coastline and botanical interest.

Should you decide to discover this unique place of the northern Costa Blanca located only a few miles from Jávea, it is worth visiting the tourist office in town to take some of the highly informative booklets that concisely describe the coastal region’s delights, facilities and hiking routes. Happy exploring!


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