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Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Carnival is served!

“Favata”: fava beans cooked with lard and aromatic herbsIn the weeks before Lent the whole country celebrates Carnival and Sardinia is certainly no exception.

In view of the traditional Lenten “self denials”, Carnival becomes the feast of the exuberance and excess also, and especially, at the table.

A specialty prepared throughout the island for this occasion is the “Favata”: fava beans cooked with lard and aromatic herbs accompany the pork. This dish is often offered in the squares during demonstrations, with a glass of Cannonau. Characteristic of inland provinces is, instead, the pork jelly.

cruxioneddus de mindua: small fried ravioliIt is not difficult to imagine that the strong point are the desserts, queens of which are the “frittelle”. Different in name and form depending on the area but always fragrant and delicious, the best known are those variants mixed with saffron, orange or spirits.

Typical also “is cruxioneddus de mindua” , small fried ravioli stuffed with almonds, cream or cottage cheese. The list continues with “Is Mangadagas”, “Acciuleddi” and “Trizzas”, braided fried dough topped with honey. This rich list closes with the “Orillettas”, similar to the most popular “Chiacchiere”, made with fried puff pastry then coated with honey. To appreciate even more the carnival menu, Sardinian dessert wines such as the Nasco di Cagliari, the Malvasia di Bosa or the Vernaccia di Oristano should not be missed.


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