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Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Venice celebrates another year of the Redeemer’s Feast

Redeemer’s church Guidecca, VeniceEvery year, on the third Sunday of July, Venice hosts one of the few remaining religious and civil festivals. “La Festa del Redentore”, as known by Venetians, has been celebrated for nearly five centuries.

This festival originated at the end of the sixteenth century, when a plague pervaded the city of Venice. In 1576, the Venetian Senate commissioned Andrea Palladio, a famous architect, to build a temple in honor of Christ the Redeemer who was rendered an eternal cult to protect them from the epidemic. Finally, in July 1577, it was declared the end of the plague, as a result, the Venetians decided to commemorate this date by turning it into a tradition that they would celebrate every year.

From then on, every year the Senate together with the Doge, numerous devoted brotherhoods and crowds of people would cross a long bridge of boats connecting one side of the Giudecca canal to the other in order to reach the temple.

Nowadays, the nine religious venetian brotherhoods unite with a number of enthusiasts that also cross this floating bridge in order to enjoy the festivities. During “La Festa del Redentore”, San Marco bay is filled with an array of boats, as a ritual, everyone prepares their boats or terraces ready to enjoy the spectacle whilst dining or drinking al fresco.

Firework display for the Redeemer’s Feast

However, this isn’t everything, on the night’s eve of the liturgy the celebration begins with a firework display and authentic spectacles that the venetians adore and they don’t like to share this important date with the rest of the tourists that crowd the city.

Lido beach is the main place to go for the young venetians, after the fireworks the adolescences sit on the sand and await sunrise.

The festival finishes on Sunday which is dedicated to religious activities.

If, in addition to falling in love with the city of Venice you want to enjoy the Redeemer’s Feast from a majestic terrace of a penthouse or, on the contrary, you would prefer to experience the fireworks from the windows of your own living room in a vintage venetian styled palace, Cofim Real Estate would love to help you find your perfect property.


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