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Friday, December 15th, 2017

The ”curvy” trend has caught onto the Luxury Real Estate

“Curvy” is a stylish trend that never goes out of fashion.

Circular property in Torre en Conill

The circle with its perfectly round shape was a controversial object for many civilisations, some of them were obsessed with“squaring the circle”, and it was seen as a complicated geometric figure for the mathematicians and architects.

However, with regards to the real estate sector, the advantages of this disputed shape outweigh the disadvantages. The circular buildings, also adopted by the Mongolians, offer resistance to extreme weather conditions and the use fewer materials in the construction procedure, makes it more sustainable.

Nowadays, there are some buildings that glorify this figure, such as the Archaeological Museum of Alesia in France, the commercial complex Fang Yuan of Shenyang in China the University Hospital Skane in Malmö (Sweden), the Palace of Art Shabyt in Kazakhstan, as well as the Tietgen Dormitory of Copenhagen in Denmark and the inconceivable Placebo pharmacy in Athens, Greece. Moreover, the circle has been integrated into gardens and swimming pool shapes, as this conveys a more natural appearance.

Given that circular buildings and features have become such a contemporary trait appreciated by many, the villas and luxury houses have taken this on board and the trend has already reached the city of Valencia. Rounded balconies, circular perimeters and curved lines are now a popular style in today’s market.

Terrace with views in Torre en Conill

Below, you will findtwo remarkable properties of our portfolio that swerve the definition of a typical property.

A state-of-the-art property in Torre en Conill (Bétera)

Valued at more than 1 million euro, this villa sits on a generous plot of 650m2. It is located in the private residential area of Torre en Conill (Bétera), only 25 minutes from Valencia. As well as its unique design, large rooms and exquisite facades, this property is also highlighted for its functionality. A spacious effect is transmitted thanks to the high ceilings and the large windows, which adds brightness to the interior, whilst allow you to enjoy splendid views. The house consists of five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and offers plenty of extra space for guests or large families.

A magnificent villa providing an oasis of peace and tranquillity in Los Monasterios (Puzol)

Oval swimming pool

The villa sits on a generous plot of 3,100m2, adjacent to the golf course in Los Monasterios (Puzol).  In addition to the beautiful finishes and details of the property, it boasts its own private 14 metre long indoor swimming pool, a garage for five cars, a separate apartment and a smart home system. Furthermore, from the main terrace you can admire beautiful sea views.

Now is the perfect time to become part of the “curvy” trend while living in complete luxury.



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