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Monday, September 5th, 2011

Denia beach uncovers further Roman artefacts

An Amphorae found on Denia beachAn important archaeological discovery was made, quite by chance, after an innocent holiday maker stumbled upon the remains of two ancient Roman vases whilst swimming off the coast of Denia.

The containers, or amphorae, according to initial examinations date back to the second century AD and are likely to have been produced in a ceramic workshop near the Guadalquivir River. A couple of millennia later and they have fortunately been rediscovered by a lucky tourist on the beach at Les Marines, Costa Blanca. These terracotta, classical era containers were probably used to transport oil, one of the primary products of the Romans in Spain and integral for the  prosperity of a dominant empire throughout Europe.

Ivestigations will be carried out to see whether these new vases could be related to other amphorae with similar characteristics which were previously unveiled near the south jetty in Denia’s port. It is thought that both sets of amphorae could be from the same haul of a wreckage of a sunken ship; of which the remains have never been uncovered.

Denia viewed from the seaThere is much evidence to support the belief that Denia experienced a large amount of maritime activity druing its Roman past with ships frequently delivering food items from other key locations such as Cádiz and Betis (Seville), therefore supporting the theory that this small collection of amphorae already discovered is actually part of a much larger cargo.

In the meantime there will a great deal of deliberation with the Generalitat Valenciana’s Centre for Underwater Archaeology so that all interested parties can reach an agreement on the most appropriate course of action- and no doubt a boom in amateur archaeology and snorkelling with people hoping to team the two and hunt the treasure themselves.

Rimontgó, housing extraordinary life in and around Denia.


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