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Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Promise by DM Properties, a boutique agency in Marbella

In this article we discuss DM Properties’ business philosophy, a philosophy that values quality over quantity and makes this company an exclusive boutique agency, rather than just a simple real estate franchise.

DM PropertiesDM Properties is a boutique agency, dedicated to the luxury real estate sector. It has maintained its status as a family business and firmly established itself within the market, unlike other companies which, despite being successful and evolving over the 25 years that DMP has been active, have eventually disappeared.

In this sense, DMP is not a simple real estate agency, but a prestigious company that has continued to offer a quality service for more than 25 years. It counts on a vast experience in advertising luxury properties, above all, in the high-end property market in Marbella.

To offer such a high-quality service and promote these properties so effectively, the boutique agency also collaborates with other companies and real estate networks in Europe, America and Asia, guaranteeing a better coverage when advertising properties on an international scale.

DM Properties’ promise

The Marbellan boutique agency has shown that it is not necessary to be a big company to go far. Despite being a family-run business, it has collaborated with international companies and has thus spread throughout the world. Additionally, it must be taken into account that one of the advantages with this kind of company is that it can always offer a more personal, flexible and unobtrusive service, something which larger businesses cannot manage as easily.

DM Properties’ main objective is to become a reference point for quality within the luxury real estate sector in Marbella and, consequently, does not wish to undergo any changes in terms of the size of its company. Rather, it prefers to continue as a family-run business and successfully meet its clients needs.

For these reasons, DM Properties decided to open its office in Marbella, in one of the the most exclusive areas in the city centre, rather than in many different locations on the Costa del Sol, so as to continue offering a personal and quality service.

A great experience in the sector, a perfect understanding of the region, and an excellent treatment of clients form part of DM Properties’ professional promise. The boutique agency and its qualified staff defend a business philosophy that values quality over expansion, and this has almost transformed into the company’s motto.


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