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Friday, July 10th, 2015

The recovery of the real estate market in Marbella

Recently, the recovery in the Marbella property market has been at the forefront of news in the real estate sector. In 2012, what started as a gentle turnaround gradually gained momentum and managed to change the market into a brand new growth cycle, something which now, can clearly be observed.

Contemporary property in Meisho Hills, Marbella

And now according to statistics, property sales are growing with speed, whilst so called “distressed properties”, as well as bank repossessions are practically non existent in Marbella. Prices have reached the bottom and are slowly increasing once more, leading times for property sales are coming down and financing is returning to the market amongst high numbers of potential buyers, from a vast range of countries who seek the Marbella lifestyle.

However the question remains about how this all affects the buyers, investors, home owners and the property market, as well as Marbella in general. Firstly investors, who had previously formed a large majority of buyers enticed by the low property prices, will now have to compete with the increase of prices once more. However we can be certain that this will hardly be a setback to them, as the sign of increasing home values means that capital is being appreciated again.

Yes, you are more likely to see an interest from investors when clear signs of a recovery in the market appear, but this is also applicable to home buyers, who will be encouraged by the notable upward trends in home purchases in the region. After all, those investors with plenty of experience in the field will commit at the hardest times – although sometimes the best deals can be made during these times.

As for home owners, the recent upward trends will be seen as reassuring, because their properties are regaining the value they had once lost and will be able to remain optimistic about the future of the market and what these tendencies could mean for a potential sell. Current property sellers will no longer feel obliged to accept offers much lower than originally stated, demonstrating a shift in power away from total control of the buyer, with the seller retaining some level of management in the process. However, it would be a huge mistake to overvalue properties in this precious time of change, considering that this may in fact damage the market once more, with bigger gaps between asking and selling prices being the cause for concern, and making a property overall less desirable.

Thanks to the recent surge in tourism and the real estate boom, there has been a economic recovery on the Costa del Sol, although the exponential increase in real estate property prices, hotel rooms, etc. would have a bad repercussion on the sector. Thus a good relation between quality and price should be maintained, such as the case in Marbella, which offers fantastic properties complimented by a great location and luxurious lifestyle.

If you would like to see the figures and statistics of the recovery of the real estate market in Marbella, click the following link to gain access to our report: Marbella Property Market Report.


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