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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Marbella’s tourism sector is growing again

According to the latest statistics from the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) from January to the end of November Spain received a large number of tourists which has earned the country 63 billion euros.  This is a figure which shows the growth in Spain’s tourist sector and the large interest in Spain as an international destination.

Luxury tourism in Marbella

British tourists spent 13.4 billion euros, that is to say, more than 20% of the 63 billion euros. On the other hand, German tourists brought in 9.3 billion euros whilst the French spent a total of 6.7 billion euros.

With an average daily expenditure of 111 euros, British tourists’ spending increased by 10% from last year, whilst German and Italian tourists spending rose with a higher average daily expenditure of 117 euros.

In comparison to other years, spending was 6.4% higher, an increase that was significant even in November, one of the quietest months, during which 3.94 billion euros were spent, 4.4% more than last year.

At a regional level, Andalusia was the community where the tourists spent the most, spending 9.8 billion euros, exceeding the national average spend. This figure represents an increase of 10.8% to other years.

Although these figures reflect the importance of European countries in the Spanish tourism industry, worldwide spending in the tourism sector was more than 31.240 million euros with an average daily expenditure of 144 euros.

The tourists that spend the most are usually from Japan, China, the USA, Russia and Middle Eastern nations, countries that, moreover, are very attracted to areas like Marbella, thanks to its exclusive offering of luxury goods and services. For example, spending in luxury restaurants and shops amounted to 1.5 billion euros, ranking Marbella in front of Madrid and just behind Barcelona in the Spanish luxury market.

We are experiencing a record year for tourism in Spain with an even more favorable prediction for 2016, as stated in the thorough report by The Guardian, Bob Atkinson from the website TravelSupermarket.com stated that Spain is one of the most searched destination on the internet (making up a third of searched), whilst the ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) also confirmed that this will be a good year for Spain, as it will experience an increase in the number of summer bookings.

From DM we share this positive message and believe that this trend will continue, given that the city of Marbella has demonstrated its continued economic growth throughout recent years. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget that Marbella offers a unique environment and lifestyle.

Sources: The Guardian, INE.


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