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EREN Membership

Joining the European Real Estate Network

EREN is organised along geographical lines, with members representing local and regional markets in countries across Europe.

The size and configuration of these market areas is loosely defined, as some are more densely concentrated than others. More important to us are the credentials of our members in their respective markets as proven luxury real estate specialists – and above all their reputation for the highest standards of service and ethical business practices.

Since EREN was formed out of a collective of prestigious European luxury real estate firms bound by a common vision of excellence, quality and ethics are issues that remain central to the organisation’s ethos. We therefore demand the same standards of new members so that EREN may remain cohesive and focused as it grows.

A growing network of excellence

While EREN covers large parts of Europe, the organisation welcomes likeminded new members to join our powerful marketing, networking and online presence and help expand it into an ever-broader network of excellence.

Our aim is to group together the finest real estate companies in Europe specialising in the luxury segment. If you want to join this exclusive organisation and feel you have the right credentials, please contact us. You needn’t be a large firm since for us quality and a shared vision are more important than the size of the company.


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