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Friday, June 7th, 2013

Evolution of Berlin-Mitte’s real estate purchasing price (2006-2013)

Evolution of Berlin-Mitte's real estate purchasing price (2006-2013)Over the last two years the global residential real estate industry has seen a rise in purchase prices and yields within the Berlin area, thus making Germany’s capital a key player in the European property market. Berlin-Mitte – the name of the district in the centre of the city – is one of the few central areas of a city in Europe that has received acknowledgment for its great potential.

Compared to the purchase prices in central areas of Paris, Milan and London, those in Berlin-Mitte are still low. This area was a district of former East Berlin, and its prices reflected the fact that the reunification of East and West Berlin took longer than expected. In comparison to the standards of central areas in other European capitals, these prices were not very high. However, since the beginning of the previous decade prices have increased – not just in Berlin-Mitte, but in all of the former Eastern districts.

Evolution of Berlin-Mitte's real estate purchasing price (2006-2013)

Looking at the price increment and decrement in Berlin over the last eight years, it is evident that average price development in residential apartments throughout the whole city shows trends similar to the average price development in Berlin-Mitte. Taking the 2008 global financial crisis into consideration, the same positive trend can be seen. Both purchase price trends did not deviate much during this time and recovered well.

Prices in Berlin are growing consistently in all city districts – something that is particularly notable in Berlin-Mitte. Here, the image of a steady growth disproves the idea that this area’s prices are over-valued. Interestingly, the value of purchasing transactions in Berlin-Mitte did not collapse as it did in other districts. This confirms the rising value of this area and highlights Berlin-Mitte’s widespread recognition for investment with relevant yields. 

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