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Thursday, March 16th, 2017

The architectural gems of the Costa Smeralda and their creators

Exclusive villa in Pevero Park, Porto Cervo

It’s been sixty years since Prince Shah Karim, fell in love with the Costa Smeralda, the most famous coastal area in Sardinia. Bit by bit, with the support of other entrepreneurs, he ventured into the world of urban development and construction in Porto Cervo and the Consorzio Costa Smeralda was born.

Aga Khan characterised by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a refined sense of aesthetics, immediately spotted the immense potential of this stretch of Sardinian coast. Prince Shah Karim was also conscious of discussions that had been taking place regarding the lack of interest in conserving this beautiful area due to the absence of appropriate urban regulation and in order to tackle this deficiency, he pushed seasoned architects like Luigi Vietti, Jacques Couelle, Giancarlo BusiriVici and the Sardinian Antonio Simon Mossa to create the Comitato di Architettura.

Members of the architectural committee Comitato di Architettura aimed to guarantee high quality services, taking special care not to alter the balance of the environment and merge the new constructions together seamless, using the natural wonders that were already present, preserving the original charm of the areaas much as possible. With this philosophy in mind, only the best local materials and technology was used.

Luigi Vietti, Porto Cervo developer, the jewel of the Costa Smeralda

The development of this tourist hotspot was inspired by the typical style of a medieval hamlet, consisting of luxury hotels and shops, turning Porto Cervo into the capital of the Costa Smeralda. The Porto Cervo marina, was one of the first constructions carried out, on the wishes of the Aga Khan, who had already foreseen the popularity of the small town.

Views of the pool and the surroundings.

The spectacular luxury villas that dot the coastline reflect the work of renowned architects that have also contributed to making Porto Cervo, an area of great prestige.

The properties constructed by Jacques &SavinCouelle (father and son) are true works of art. Their fabulous architectural and sculptural works give life to properties with curved and arched lines constructed with premium yet simple, local materials. For more refined jobs, both architects turned to the knowledge and skills of the region’s expert craftsmen.

Belgian Jean Claude Lesuisse went a step further, not just limiting himself to placing structures in the heart of nature but fusing them with the natural environment, incorporating elements that accentuated the lines and form. He also played with volume with lofts, towers, stairs and pools, as well as installing large windows to give the sensation of space in the house and create continuity with the outdoors. This continuity is characterised by the use of wood, stone, terracotta and steel, materials that allow the property to completely camouflage itself and become one with nature.

Porto Cervo, the most famous area on the Sardinian coast is not just full of simple homes nor spectacular villas but architectural gems that have characterised the Costa Smeralda since the 1970s.

For more than 40 years, the sale and promotion of these incredible properties has been administrated by Immobilisarda, a competent estate agency with a great deal of experience in this sector that promotes and appreciates the aesthetic value and the thought behind these architectural works.


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