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Friday, September 16th, 2016

The importance of emotional marketing when selling properties

Properties surrounded by a stunning natural environment

Thanks to over forty years of extensive professional experience in Sardinia’s property market, Immobilsarda has learnt to value the importance of emotional marketing when selling a house. This lies in the fact that when a client searches for a holiday home or a second residence, while it is not an essential need, they want their new property to offer the greatest level of comfort and quality as possible. As such, one of the strategies to adopt is to transmit positive emotional values to the client, ones which encourage them to opt for the property which best meets their requirements.

Photographing properties thus becomes a fundamental tool for this idea of emotional marketing, whereby the camera captures the essence, charm and also setting of the house to transmit it to prospective clients.

Exclusive properties in Sardinia

In the case of Sardinia, not only do the architectural and interior designs reflect the exclusive nature of its villas, but its location and surrounding landscape also enhance their beauty. The warmth of the sun, the heavenly beaches with their crystal, cobalt blue waters and the colourful vegetation are the perfect backdrop for creating fantastic photographic compositions which attract clients and resonate deeply with them.

In order to take excellent photos the photographer must choose the right time of day when the light is soft, and take snapshots in parts of the house which really convey the lifestyle in the property, emphasising areas such as the garden, the swimming pool and the surrounding scenery. Panoramic photographs of the house from above are also advantageous, since the client will be able to see the property, the surrounding natural environment and its residential district all in one image.

Villas next to the sea in Sardinia

Currently, companies are increasingly using modern cameras with powerful lenses, and even drones to create high-quality photographic material. And it is this collateral marketing which is responsible for providing the client with a more accurate and tangible vision of the property, generating feelings of harmony, comfort and happiness. This material, visiting the property and the subsequent intervention of a salesperson who offers sound advice to clients can lead to a successful sale.


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