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Friday, April 8th, 2016

Qatar is becoming the largest investor in Costa Smeralda

Luxury properties in GalluraDuring recent years, the region of Gallura has been the centre of attention for Qatari investors, making this country one of the main investors in Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast). Tourism, health and transport are amongst those sectors which Qatar have invested in.In 2012, Qatar bought the Costa Smeralda resort from the international investment company Colony Capital for the price of 354 million euros. This allowed the country to acquire four out of the five of the most exclusive five star resorts and hotels in the region, namely, the Pevero Golf Club, a resort boasting one of the one hundred best golf courses in the world, the Porto Cervo Marina as well as the Pitrizza, Romazzino and Cala di Volpe hotels.

In 2014, the Qatar foundation acquired the San Raffaele hospital and kick-started its renovation. Amongst the groundbreaking facilities of the new hospital, the Mater Olbia, a new department of neurology, neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery as well as a sports medicine and diabetes research centre.

One of the latest actions of the Qatari country has been the signing of the “memorandum of understanding” between the holding company Alisarda and the Al Thani royal family. The aim of this agreement is to gain control of the Italian airline Meridiana and the management of Olbia airport, as well as the General Aviation next month in June.

The Qatari investment is reporting large benefits to the region with a positive impact on its real estate market. The buildings and properties of Olbia and other areas of Costa Smeralda are becoming a good investment opportunity.

Gallura’s area with its rich history, traditional gastronomy and its environmental quality is a true Mediterranean paradise that offers a wonderful lifestyle. Moreover, its excellent infrastructures and fantastic connection thanks to OIbia airport (which offers domestic and international flights), and its modern features make this one of the best places to invest in.


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