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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Luxury tourism boom in Gallura, Costa Smeralda

Increase of flights to Oblia's airports, Costa SmeraldaSardinia is becoming an international destination and the exponential growth of passengers in transit from Olibia´s airports is the unequivocal proof of the excellent condition of luxury tourism which Gallura (Costa Smeralda) boasts.

During the past season, Olbia’s private Excelsa Aviation airport recorded a record amount of private jet arrivals coming from all over the world. Also, the number of luxury yachts, some with 80/100 metres in length, has increased and these fill up the Gallura’s waters, Costa Smeralda, during the summer season in search of extreme luxury. In 2015, the Cala di Volpe, Cervo, Pitrizza and Romazzino hotels recorded 10,600 more rooms in total that the previous year, which suggests a positive increase of 24% in comparison to 2014.

During recent years, lots of businessmen and magnates have acquired luxury buildings and vessels to convert them into representative spaces to do business in. Moreover, these spaces benefit from exclusivity, space, nature and the well-being that the region offers.

The number of passengers from the Excelsa Aviation airport reflects this trend with a total of 13,000 flights in 2014 and an average annual increase of approximately 10% that has been maintained including during the years of the crisis. There have been 38,000 passengers who have made use of the private airport’s terminal services that, with 100,000m2 dedicated to a VVIP lounge, a conference room, a lounge for the crew and spaces for meetings, telephone conferences and relaxation, has been positioned amongst the top position of the airports that satisfy the highest demands of elite passengers who want to travel with the maximum comfort.

Gallura, Costa Smeralda, international destination for luxury tourismThese figures indicate how Gallura’s wonderful waters and its uniqueness value, linked to the beautiful surroundings and excellent services, attract increasingly more wealthy foreigners with an increase of Americans, British, Germans, South Americans and those originating from the Middle East.

The foreign tourist’s profile is that of an attentive and active person, always moving, who doesn’t spend the day on the beach, but is interested by the culture and Sardinian lifestyle. They are a tourist who moves according to their passions and is going to look for places to play sport, discover art, culture, festivals and, above all, enjoy the luxury services.

The expectations for the 2016 season are of achieving and consolidating the excellent results of the previous season and strengthening the arrival of tourists to Gallura, especially in the traditionally low influx months like May/June and September/October.


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