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Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

“A Christmas Expo” continues at The Nature Art Gallery until the 31st January

“HYBRIS” by Pablo Pinxit

As we already informed you in a previous article, Immobilsarda have opened The Nature Art Gallery, an art gallery in its showroom in Milan. This exhibition space, located in the central Via Visconti di Modrone number 29, was opened together with its first exhibition A Christmas Expo- the glittering branches of the Christmas tree– last 14th December 2017.

The event became the meeting point for Immobilsarda with its clients and the general public. In addition, it was accompanied by samples of the Sardinian gastronomy thanks to the chef Giovanni Piga, who prepared appetizers with typical products from Gallura and Costa Smeralda, together with desserts such as papassini, all of which was accompanied by red wines and Vermentino wine.

Gastronomic cocktail of Sardianan products by Giovanni Piga

A Christmas Expo– a reinterpretation of the Christmas tree

In the A Christmas Expo, ten international artists wanted to reinterpret the Christmas tree through the language of art, paintings, sculptures and photographs to create a warm Christmas ambience between tradition and innovation.

Among the artwork and photography you can see Noël en poésie, oil paint by Eliane Aerts (Bégica); Worm Christmas Tree by Adolfo Maciocco (Italy); the mixed media picture Natural Love by Fabio Pietrantonio (Italy); HYBRIS, a serigraph composition by Pablo Pinxit (Argentina) and Tree ofMamuthones by Roberto Tadini (Italy). Metal sculptures, aluminum, wood and resin also have their place in the exhibition, such as Christmas Pine Conel and Magic star by Chelita Riojas Zuckermann (Mexico), Mobile Christmas tree by Claus Joans (Italy), Iron plots by Antonio La Rosa (Italia), Girano le Scatole by Nicola Rota and FAR FROM THE FOREST by Alessandro Lobino (Italy).

The dialogue between human and nature as a leitmotiv for the future exhibitions

“Natural Love” by Fabio Pietrantonio

The upcoming exhibitions of The Nature Art Gallery will be about the dialogue between human and nature, but from an optimistic point of view. Through video installations, photography, projections of documentaries, and paintings of the forthcoming exhibitions, Immobilsarda wants to support and promote this nature-man relationship, as they have done on previous occasions. An example of this was the environmental sustainability, when Immobilsarda collaborated withYatch Club Costa Smeralda and the One Ocean Forum project; to help to protect the oceans and seas.

As one of the leading agencies, it is very important for Immobilsarda to defend the coexistence of the nature, the real estate sector and the architecture as much as possible. Therefore, Immobilsarda is very careful when it comes to selecting villas and apartments in Gallura and Costa Smeralda for its portfolio.

We remind you that A Christmas Expo will remain open until the 31st January, therefore, there is still time to enjoy the original contemporary art exhibition in the Immobilsarda’s showroom in Milan.

Showroom of Immobilsarda in Milan


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