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Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Immobilsarda opens a new office in Porto Rotondo

Immobilsarda, currently having operated from Gallura and Costa Smeralda for over 40 years, opens a new office in Porto Rotondo.

Immobilsarda´s new office

As one of the 15 partners of the EREN – European Real Estate Network, an association that operates in the luxury real estate sector, of which is also Immobilsarda a founding member. Immobilsarda is a vital presence in Italy, and also has important international contacts, thanks to collaborations with large real estate agencies worldwide, amongst which one can find Christie´s International Real Estate (with more than 900 offices worldwide) and the Luxury Portfolio, Leading Real Estate and Fiabci networks.

The real estate agency Immobilsarda, currently having operated from Gallura and Costa Smeralda for over 40 years, working in the sector since 1974 and providing intermediary services in the purchase and rentals of high quality properties, such as exclusive villas and luxury apartments, coastal located properties, stazzi typical of those in the Gallura region and country houses. It has a large portfolio of grand properties, immersed in the environment of a unique landscape, in the heart of the northern region of Sardinia.

John Bracco, Sales Manager and Director of the Porto Rotondo officeIt should be highlighted that Immobilsarda consists of an intricate network of offices distributed across this privileged area of Sardinia. Amongst it´s offices are those in Porto Rafael, Santa Teresa, Porto Cervo, Milan, one close to the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, as well as the new agency in Porto Rotondo, located at number 7, Piazza Quadra, a strategic and central location, a few meters from the marina and the busy city streets.

John Bracco, sales director and in charge of the Porto Rotondo office, defends the way in which the company is strained by guaranteeing a modern exclusive service, owing to a professional reconciliation with clientèle, offering them security and personal attentiveness in the entire process of searching for and choosing a property. Also a team of highly qualified professionals is at the disposal of the clients, that will be able to assist them in various languages (English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic), in order to manage the diverse procedures and negotiations at both a national and international level.

With the new office in Porto Rotondo, Immobilsarda underlines its deep rooted presence in the Sardinian territory and its strengthened experience of more than 40 years in the real estate sector in Sardinia.

For more information:

Immobilsarda Srl – Porto Rotondo – Piazza Quadra, 7 – Tel.+ 39 0789 381024 – portorotondo@immobilsarda.comwww.immobilsarda.com


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