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Monday, August 14th, 2017

Immobilsarda offers a summer full of events

“Art in Porto” Cartel – Immobilsarda 2017

Immobilsarda is organising and promoting numerous events that will be celebrated throughout August in Gallura, Costa Smeralda. Between artistic manifestations, Open Houses and inaugurations they have created an events program that will capture the attention of the general public thanks to the real estate and cultural topics that will be addressed.

From Thursday 10th of August, every Thursday of the month the event “Arte in Porto” will be held in the showroom of PortoRotondo 78, a magnificent luxury residential complex in the finalization phase.

These “cocktail-art” events will present new artists and works, thus giving guest artists the opportunity to exhibit artwork where the theme and common element is water, and to enliven the reflections of their artistic work. The star of the event will be the work of Pinuccio Sciola, a deceased artistic master, that exhibited in the most important national and international galleries and whose work is still today a great source of inspiration for sculptors.

Immobilsarda, through this interesting artistic manifestation, wants to offer their vision of Art and Real Estate, like a unique reality. Over the years, the Sardinian company has developed a deep awareness on the more “spiritual” needs of their clients, without ever forgetting the more material needs, trying and managing to satisfy them.

From the 2nd to 10th of September “Arte in Porto” will move to Aqua Lounge in Porto Cervo, where all the artwork will be exhibited and they will summarize this interesting experience.

If you take part in the evening event on the 10th, 17th and 24th of August, you will discover the new idea that Immobilsarda is introducing in the real estate sector and the prestigious properties within the residential complex of PortoRotondo78.

On the 9th August at 19.30h the Open House – Le Ville del Parco del Pevero will take place, here the potential buyers will be given the opportunity to learn about  the new and incredible villas from the marvellous Parco del Pevero.

Designed by the famous architect from the Sardinian Coast, Jean Claude Lesuisse, and five minutes from Port Cervo, these charming properties represent a completely unique and exclusive reality in Sardinia. A perfect union between the abundant and intact nature of the Parco, and these new and elegant villas, that are bound to impress.

This event born with the idea to display villas as much as to illustrate the possible project variations. In fact, it is Immobilsarda’s dream to provide their clients with the possibility to model these properties according to their personal tastes. For the time being, the project in the development phase proposes a more modern and minimalist internal and external atmosphere with ample, bright spaces and with numerous floor length windows that give a sensation of continuity to the different areas, always with the utmost respect of the traditional nature of the place.

The evening of the 25th of August will be reserved for the inauguration of the new offices in Puntaldìa, a stunning residential complex a few kilometers from Olbia with views to the crystal clear sea, surrounded by the green Mediterranean Maquis and boasting all services and conveniences to guarantee completely relaxing holidays. Amongst these we will find la Marina, la Piazzetta, restaurants, boutiques and golf courses.

This new office, which renovation has been carried out thanks to the collaboration with architect Simone Micheli, presents a modern concept with numerous aspects of the Sardinian traditions. Furthermore, a debate will take place on “real estate requalification” that will be accompanied by an opening in which they will announce the founder of Immobilsarda Giancarlo Bracco, the architect Simone Micheli and the chairman of Consorzio di Puntaldia, Luigi Galazzini.

The professionalism of our agents in a modern, elegant and refined context, will help clients make the correct decision in the selection of their future home.

Taking part in these organized events by Immobilsarda will allow you to get closer to different forms of culture and the Sardinian real estate market, but especially the new ideas that Immobilsarda is promoting in the sector.



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