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Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Immobilsarda opens an art gallery in Milan

The Nature Art Gallery.

Immobilsarda opens their own art gallery

Last 14thof December, Immobilsarda opened their own Art Gallery in Milan. They decided to name this space “The Nature Art Gallery”, which can be found in the Sardinian agency’s showroom located at 29 Via Visconti di Modroni.

The aim of Immobilsarda, leader of the Real Estate sector in Gallura, Costa Smeralda, is no other than to offer a contemporary art exhibition space for its exclusive clients and the general public. It is more and more evident thatnature, architecture and art have a very close relationship, as well as being part of the Italian lifestyle.

The Nature Art Gallery will be in charge of the curators Julio Cesare Ayllon and Sabrina La Leggia. The gallery has been created as a place offering experiences, events and discoveries, where the facilities, sculptures and paintings, typical of art galleries, give way to architecture, design and music.

A Christmas Expo- the glittering branches of the Christmas tree

A Christmas Expo, a Christmas tree exhibition

Its first exhibition A Christmas Expo – the glittering branches of the Christmas tree, revolves around one of the most representative elements of the Christmas season, that is, the Christmas tree. The exhibition will be available until the 31st of January 2018.

International artists such as Antonio La Rosa, Nicola Rota, Eliane Aerts, Roberto Tadini, Fabio Di Pietrantonio, Alessandro Lobino, Adolfo Maciocco, Chelita Rojas, Pablo Compagnucci and Claus Joans, have been selected to form part of this fantastic exhibition. Through their art work a combination of figurative and abstract photography, sculpture and painting-they have wanted to reinterpret this famous Christmas element.

This project is the red thread that connects architecture, art and nature with which Immobilsarda has wanted to show their interest to promote innovation within the real estate sector, culture and art, as well as to encourage the preservation of the natural and cultural wonders of the Costa Smeralda.

Cultural and environmental initiatives

This is not Immobilsarda’s first cultural and environmental initiatives, but they have previously supported events such as Art in Porto or the One Ocean Forum.

During the months of August and September, Immobilsarda organised in Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo a series of events under the name Art in Porto. The starting point was the art and the real estate sector as as a unit together with the presence of international artists, as well as being accompanied by music and the marvelous Sardinian gastronomy.

Immobilsarda has been involved in environmental conservation and, especially, in the protection of the magnificent natural surroundings of Gallura and its waters, and it was a great pleasure for the Sardinian company to sponsor the One Ocean Forum that was held last October and was organised by Yatch Club Costa Smeralda in collaboration with SDA Sustainability Lab and the of UNESCO. Its objective to promote and give awareness about the importance of conserving the oceans became a reality with the Charta Smeralda, a document that determinesthe areas of activity and intervention for the conservation of oceans and seas.


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