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Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Immobilsarda opens a new office in Puntaldia

Views of Puntaldia
In March 2017, Immobilsarda opened a new office in San Teodoro (Puntaldia). The new office replaces Studio Immobiliare di Puntaldia (the area’s local estate agency) that dedicated itself for decades to the valuation and promotion of the prestigious residential area’s exclusive homes.

The 80-hectare Puntaldia complex is set on the Puntaldia peninsula where the Consorzio Puntaldia began in 1982. It is home to a protected marine area and enjoys a privileged location in the town of San Teodoro, close to some of the best beaches in Gallura, like the fabulous Lu Impostu and La Cinta beaches that boast crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand.

The buildings integrate harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment, with similar shapes, complementing the typically bright colours of the Mediterranean vegetation. Puntaldia is home to residential and commercial properties and has all the facilities of a small town.

What has Immobilsarda brought to Puntaldia?

Immobilsarda’s decision to open a new ofice in Puntaldia was based on the shared principles between the company and the philosophy of Puntaldia’s committee, founded by the Fumagalli brothers.

Firstly, the construction regulations of Puntaldia properties are very strict, never deviating from the aim to value and respect Gallura’s natural scenery, reflected in the architectural style of the properties, as seen in the Costa Smeralda, where Immobilsarda is based.

Secondly, homes here are of an excellent quality guaranteed by the use of local materials and the knowledge of local craftsmen that have carried out the finishes. It’s these high standards that can be witnessed in Immobilsarda’s 40 year old property portfolio.

Additionally, Puntaldia’s committee has privacy and security as some of there main objectives. In fact, along with basic services, (sport, wellbeing, nutrition etc.) offers an excellent surveillance system with qualified personnel. Immobilsarda also provides an extraordinary counsel service during the process to both buyers and sellers.

Immobilsarda and the Consorzio Puntaldia share the same aim, to attract a select international clientele, especially those from Northern Europe.

Cosy covered terrace with a summer kitchen

Immobilsarda’s portfolio in Puntaldia

Puntaldia is comprised of elegant and vibrant properties that share the same architectural design giving the sensation of order and the impeccable attention to detail taken in the communal areas.

Immobilsarda’s property portfolio in Puntaldia, meets the demands of all types of clients, from singletons, to families or those that wish to enjoy their retirement. All of the homes come with large terraces where you can take in views of the beautiful La Cinta beach, and the islands of Tavolara and Ruia. Authentic paradises with white sand and pristine waters against the Mediterranean backdrop.

The properties in the portfolio come with a parking space, and depending on the type of home you choose you can also enjoy facilities like a pool, a private garden and beautiful outdoor lounge areas.

Please don’t hesitate to visit the new Immobilsarda office in Puntaldia, for more information. Our real estate agency has an extensive network of properties covering some of the most exclusive areas in Sardinia, and we are partnered with real estate associations of international importance such as EREN, Luxury Portfolio and Christie’s International Real Estate.


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