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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Immobilsarda opens the photographic exhibition “Mediterranea”

Photography by Massimo Golfieri

Last 15th of February, Immobilsarda opened “Mediterranea”, a photographic exhibition by Massimo Golfieri, in The Nature Art Gallery, a contemporary art gallery which the company opened at the end of 2017 in Milan.

The exhibition mixes photography and the Mediterranean, a pairing that has been explored and unrecognized, difficult to interpret and classify.

Massimo Golfieri begins his photographic research through his travellings around different countries in the seventies. Over the years, with a deep knowledge and a conscience against the barriers and in favour of the appreciation for history, he focused on the Mediterranean area, a place where many cultures have left their marks, in order to photograph their essence.

“Mediterranea”, photography exhibition by Massimo Golfieri

The artist does not consider his work as a documentary, instead he prefers to describe it by its poetic value. From a social point of view he compares the Mediterranean with the agoras of the ancient Greece, a central public space dedicated to celebrate meetings.

The exhibition is comprised of fifty black-and-white photographs, some of them are hand-coloured and printed with the pictorialism technique of albumin. The photos capture this travelling through past and present, real and imaginary.

Besides the high-quality of the photographs, it stands out his expressiveness. You can almost feel the scents of the Mediterranean, the saltpetre of the sea and the feelings and emotions of its protagonists in each photograph.

Mediterranean and photography

From Immobilsarda and through The Nature Art Gallery we reiterate our desire to offer an open space in which art, culture and real estate sector will be mixed in order to give different visions of the world.

We invite you to enjoy the work of Massimo Golfieri and our permanent exhibitions in our gallery located in Via Visconti di Modrone 29. The exhibition will be available until April 15.


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