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Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Personalize a property to increase its exclusivity

Impressive views of the Mediterranean SeaNowadays, the act of personalising a property often means adding elements of luxury to it, and this is particularly pertinent when we refer to the region of Gallura on the Costa Smeralda, where, due to laws on land and the countryside in effect since the 70s, construction within the first two kilometres of land from the coast is strictly prohibited, while the remodelling of existing buildings is rigorously controlled and limited.

Finding a plot for sale, situated less than a kilometre from the sea, right in the heart of the Costa Smeralda with an already granted planning permit, is seemingly an impossible task. However, in Gallura there has recently been an exponential growth in the availability of plots with constructible land with the inclusion in the market of various pieces of land which form part of former plots already with construction rights that enjoy certain characteristics such as exceptional sea views and extraordinary locations just minutes from enchanting Mediterranean beaches and golf courses as well as near to a variety of local amenities that the Costa Smeralda has to offer.

Untouched countryside, privacy, prime locations, panoramic views, and tranquil settings; these are the main characteristics which clients look for when it comes to purchasing a constructible plot of land. However, when choosing an investment property, details such as design and the option of deciding how to personalize the property become important factors for the potential buyers. The most requested projects are environmentally friendly constructions with innovative architectural solutions based on sustainability, that are also in harmony with the natural countryside. In addition these popular projects also promote energy efficiency through the use of state of the art technology which makes the building an integral part of the surrounding natural environment.

Luxury residential project in SardiniaThis current school of thought to do with well-being and a high quality of life demands various features from an investment such as an excellent design, being in contact with nature and proximity to local amenities. These concepts are reflected in residences which respect and value the land on which they are situated, as well as their resources and accessibility to the main services, ensuring in addition a high quality of life. The new residential projects in Gallura, Costa Smeralda, are limited, and are tailored towards an exclusive clientèle with an appreciation of certain values such as quality of life, family, well-being and tranquillity as well as an existential life balance and a relationship with nature.

Plots with planning permission, constructible areas and residential or land development projects are just a few of the types of assets managed by Immobilsarda over the whole of the Gallura coast on the Costa Smeralda. These plots with sea views, included in Immobilsarda’s excellent portfolio, represent exclusive investment opportunities as since 1968 the area has been declared a protected zone and construction is prohibited. Currently, there are numerous environmental regulations that control residential development in favour of the conservation of the countryside and the habitat. The marvellous plots in question are therefore, without a doubt, exclusive investment opportunities as they were built upon on land with planning permission granted back in the 60s.

The fundamental principles of Immobilsarda, reflected in the philosophy of the projects and investment opportunities it offers, are, a strong identity, an essential environmental sustainability expressed through the integration of house and habitat and the quality of life that the property provides; the result of the combination of tradition and innovation.


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