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Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Immobilsarda sponsors the One Ocean Forum promoted by YCCS

One Ocean Forum

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, alongside SDA Sustainability Lab and UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission, have organized the One Ocean Forum, which is an international arrangement to protect the ocean.

Immobilsarda, leader of international luxury real estate from 1974 in Sardinia-Costa Smeralda, was pleased to be taking part in the One Ocean Forum protection scheme, which took place on the 3rd-4th of October at the Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan. The objective of this program is to raise awareness regarding the concerns of the sustainability of the ocean and to find solutions to protect the sea and its coasts.

The Sardinian company has a more than 40 years’ experience in Gallura-Costa Smeralda, an area with natural surroundings of beautiful sand-beaches and hills. Development started in this area in 1961 and Gallura became model of sustainable living due to the conservation law which was put in place in 1968. During the 60’s, Karim Aga Khan promoted the importance of sustainability in the Costa Smeralda and his work can be highly appreciated regarding Gallura, as the sea dominates the beautiful area, with 450 km of shore and coves, no intensive industry in sight and the feeling of freedom as nature engulfs the area.

Sponsoring the One Ocean Forum has been the perfect opportunity for Immobilsarda to emphasise the importance of promoting the significance of sustainability and the environment, a key value of the Italian and international real estate market, as well as for Immobilsarda. Sardinia is very environmentally friendly in that respect and has been able to preserve the area and develop local tourism that respects the territory.

As a true enthusiast of protecting this gorgeous coast in the Northern part of Sardinia, Immobilsarda has been committed to encourage tourism and eco-friendly real estate development since 1974. The CEO of Immobilsarda, Giancarlo Bracco states: We are authors, together with local institutions and our customers, of sustainable development that promotes bio-building and architecture as integrated and valued elements of the landscape.

Immobilsarda’s activity can be observed in Gallura. Giancarlo Bracco continues by commenting on how Immobilsarda were delighted to accept the offer of partnership with this passionate project initiated by the Porto Cervo’s Yacht club regarding the sustainable way of life. He also mentioned how Immobilsarda is the only real estate, as well as the other sponsors of the project, that will promote the eco-friendly way of building and living.


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