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Monday, February 13th, 2012

Jávea celebrates for a year turning 400

The bay of JaveaWhen the King Felipe III of Spain granted villa rights to Jávea on 2 July 1612, he probably didn’t imagine that it would still give cause for a full season of celebrations in the 21st Century. If this was the case, in doing so he greatly underestimated the pride the people in Jávea have in their town, its roots and its heritage that still runs strong today. Moreover, bearing in mind the Spanish affection for celebrations and festivities, the celebration of turning 400 is something to get excited about.

Therefore the Jávea Town Council settled upon a replete list of celebratory proceedings and festivities during 2012, in order to “…commemorate this anniversary with the citizens, to strengthen the pride of belonging and promote our history, which is the key to our cultural heritage and guarantees our identity.” Consequently, the Department of Culture has been instructed to create a programme of events to highlight the year 2012 as a milestone in the history of the town.

As well as the 400th anniversary celebrations of Jávea being incorporated as a villa, darker times from 200 years ago will also be remembered, when the town was raided by French soldiers at a time when the country was in the clutch of the Peninsular War. This ended on 28 August 1812 when forces of Napoleon attacked Jávea, making British troops leave out of the Castillo de la Fontana.

Despite this official commemoration of war, the focus of the celebrations will be cheerful, so that the town’s population may feel proud of their origins and visitors and foreign residents may do so too alongside in a year that shall be full of enjoyable action and events. It is assumed that the Town Council will publish the complete lineup of festivities early in the year.

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