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Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Jávea, the safest coastal town of Alicante

Saint Bartholomew's ChurchLast month, the assembly of citizens’ security took place at the town hall of Jávea, where the crime figures for 2013 were released, which indicated a substantial decline in comparison to the previous year and to the rest of the region of Alicante.

The current crime rate stands at 19.53%, a decrease of as much as 8 points in comparison to 2012, and more than 20 points if we look at 2005. With regards to this result, it is important to emphasize the work of both the Policía Autonómica, in charge of the surveillance of each neighbourhood, and the coordination between the Policía Local and the Guardia Civil that safeguards the security of the city.

Arenal Beach, JáveaAt the assembly, the city councilor for citizens security Juan Ortolá, those in charge of the Policía Local, the Policía Autonómica and Guardia Civil were present, alongside the Mayor José Chulvi, who stated that these figures were not only significant for Jávea itself as a city, but also for those wishing to live or spend their vacation in the coastal town, as safety is a deciding factor.


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