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Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Exploring Jávea

Javea PaseoMore commonly known as an elegant tranquil Mediterranean resort destination on Spain´s eastern coast, the quaint, small town of Jávea is a typically Spanish country town with fantastic views of the cliffs surrounding a bright blue bay and mountains encircling a deep green valley. However, Jávea has so much more to offer.

The municipal area of Jávea, Costa Blanca, is split into three separate areas. The most popular area with tourists is the coastal resort, hidden in a corner of a large bay. Here, stylish apartments enclose a coastal village that has lovely views onto the fishing harbour and marina that ultimately lead to the resort hotels that run along the long sandy beaches of El Arenal. At the very end of this coast there are breathtaking cliffs that mark the Cap de la Nao area. It is here, between the slopes covered in pine trees overlooking the bays and coves, that a group of elegant residential areas provides a unique setting for a lifestyle that has been attracting people for many years.

At the centre of it all is the beautiful historic town of Jávea. It is the original country village that developed into an affluent town thanks to its position dominating a large and fertile valley. Predominantly level, this agricultural area extends for kilometres inland, and has been one of the main reasons for the wealth in the area, producing a variety of export products such as olive oil, raisins and oranges. Known throughout Europe for these products, the region has also benefited from the sea, creating a wealthy merchant class whose beautiful Baroque style country estates and town houses add brightness to the rural cottages and closely packed homes of the area.

Sant Bartomeu ChurchThe heart of the old town is the Church of Sant Bartomeu, which is an impressive structure that originally dates back to the early medieval times. It has been built with local Tosca stone hewn for centuries from the coastal cliffs, and still exhibits the pockmarks of warfare maintained during the civil war, similar to how the historic quater was built. Nevertheless, today the only people that invade the city, are the few groups of tourists that spend their time watching the world go by, drinking and relaxing in the beautiful squares. The town features lovely cobbled streets, pretty archways, historic buildings that unveil perplexing layers of successive cultures, and more than anything, a charming ambience.

You can have a glance of what life was like here a few years ago at the Museo Soler Blasco, set within the Palace of Antoni Banyuls. From here you can experience the bustling and classically Mediterranean ambience of the municipal market or just meander through the tranquil cobbled backstreets and hustling squares where you will finally lead to the many picturesque cafés and restaurants, and you will see for yourself what a true Spanish country town is really like. Jávea is truly stunning and has so much to offer, not only for residents but tourists alike. This charming Spanish town is unique and should definitely be visited!

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Photographs: www.xabia.org


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