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Thursday, July 26th, 2018

The most exclusive rug firms in Berlin

Rug designed by ©Rug Star

Rugs are an integral part of interior design throughout the world, whose origins are found in nomadic Arab cultures. Countries such as Morocco, Nepal and India are still the most famous and traditional places of rug’s production.

These decorative elements have always been a sign of prosperity, but they are no longer a bourgeois element. Nowadays you can buy them online, but it is not always the best option. Only the best merchants will be able to advise you when buying one. Obviously, material and haptics are of great importance, because rugs should have a pleasant feel, with natural fibres such as wool, silk, sisal and cotton being very popular. The different materials also provide special characteristics and make the final product special. Thanks to their different designs, the rugs are an element that influences the perception of space, but they cannot only be placed on the floor, but also on walls. In order to choose the right colour, we always advise you to count on an expert’s help.

Below we show you the best rug companies in Berlin:

Jan Kath – Rugs with a Wanderlust spirit

Jan Kath comes from a family of rugs traders and has been designing his own rugs for many years. Inspired by countries with a long tradition in rug weaving, he has created wonderful collections such as ‘Jiangxi’, ‘Jungle’ and ‘Gamba’ that take us on a journey to live new adventures every day.

The demand for his handmade rugs is growing, and his brand is already known internationally. Jan Kath’s designer rugs are available from stores in Berlin (Brunnenstraße 3), Munich, Cologne, Bochum, Vancouver and New York.


Rug Star by Jürgen Dahlmanns – a modern interpretation of tradition

Jürgen Dahlmanns founded his brand Rug Star almost 20 years ago. He studied Architecture and observed the opening of the spaces, the design of lofts and glass windows, concepts that would later influence his rugs design. For him, rugs are elements of structuring space as well as artworks. Its range is wide and consists of elaborate patterns, extravagant and abstract designs for all tastes.

To ensure that the working conditions and quality in his two factories in Nepal and India are optimal, Dahlmanns personally controls the manufacturing. In addition to the shop in Berlin, located at 27 Rose-Luxembourg-Straße 27, you can find his designs in his stores in Augsburg, Stuttgart, Zurich, Beijing and Bergamo, as well as in numerous partner retailers.


Wild Carpets – collectible rugs

Knowledge of art history and a passion for collecting are Thomas Wild’s main focus in the rug trade. Its carefully selected rugs are real collector’s items that can be used to create spaces of great elegance. Anyone on the Berlin scene who wants to maintain his good reputation has at least one of his carpets, such as the Pauly Saal restaurant on Auguststraße 11.

Wild Carpets is located on Gipsstraße 12, in the Sophie-Gips-Höfe, a few metres from the area known as the “Gallery Mile” in Berlin.


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