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Monday, July 24th, 2017

VILLAE 12: an immersion of sensations

The new edition of Villae International magazine can already be accessed online via EREN’s web page.

Article on “The price of a meter”
This is the moment to talk about the finest architecture, cities most revalued spaces and design trends. Similarly, to consider far off destinations, broaden your horizons and understand new cultures. Undoubtedly, it’s the time to do this with the best company, which generate trust, reliability and responsibility. By nature we are hedonistic, meaning we like to enjoy the good things in life, which can centre on limited pages. This is illustrated in the new issue of the Villae International magazine.

The publication is edited by EREN (European Real Estate Network), a specialist network in the luxury real estate sector, within which the Valencian firm Rimontgó is included. Hence, the leader is conducted by the managing director of this company, José Ribes, who on this occasion discusses the importance of data protection and confidentiality. Nevertheless, the tone of the magazine is geared towards the most exclusive lifestyles, with articles and complete photographic reports about inspirational places and experiences. This allows us to move closer to the international property portfolio that these companies from the luxury real estate sector have worldwide.
Article 'The price of a metre'

Specifically, in Villae 12 we will encounter an approach to the value of squared meters in different cities, a reflection on how to choose the best areas to live in the city centres, as well as advice on carrying out the purchase of a second home. The reader can also approximate the best current design options across Europe, through carrying out a tour of Jugendstil, Sezessionsstil and Bauhaus art, in addition to learning about the British car market or traverse Africa by means of an express safari. Naturally, the magazine also stresses the importance of reliability and responsibility whilst carrying out real estate operations.

Ultimately, a refreshing lap of luxury, that proceeds from an illustrated cover of a lavish swimming pool.

As well as the digital version, that you can already consult online, those that desire a hard copy of the magazine do not hesitate to contact us.
Reportage on “Choosing a top city centre location”


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