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Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Marbella Real Estate Market Report 2013

The eagerly anticipated DM Properties Market Report for 2013 has just been released; an authoritative analysis for not only the industry itself but for sectors beyond, which focuses on the local and national property market and the current economic climate affecting it.

The market reports prepared by DM Properties dissect current trends, challenges and future opportunites for Marbella, and more specifically, its luxury real estate sector. The report uses a combination of objective and real analysis of Marbella’s economic performance and potential by studying the economic factors involved.

The 2013 report

The 2013 report will refer back to last year’s edition before drawing connections to the current market climate, including broader national and international factors that influence Marbella. This involves analysis of the financial, macro-economic and monetary data, as well as drawing on feedback from our personal experience over the course of the year.

The repercussions are discussed of financing, bank repossessions, land availability, demand trends, price tendencies, what sells, what doesn’t and who the buyers are, including a brief focus on how current fiscal policies and new legislative proposals may influence the market. Through this, we aim to gain a better understanding of the patterns developping around us, in order to more efficiently identify both challenges and opportunities to be able to react accordingly.

Marbella Real Estate Market Report 2013The year ahead

As always, the DMP Market Report looks back, describes the present and then provides a prognosis for the near future; we are delighted to say that although this is still essentially a buyers’ market, Marbella is recovering well. The city’s inherent attraction combined with lower purchase prices has resulted in a steady increase in demand for properties and holidays alike. The number of tourist visits and interest in property is rising, which has only further widened our geographical client base. The 2013 Market Report provides us not only a lot of valuable information, but also every reason to feel confident about the years to come.


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