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Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Drone photography – an innovative marketing tool

Overall view of an exclusive villa and surroundings

The use of drones can be seen in a diverse range of industries, which is why we, at Marschall Real Estate, believe that the role of aerial photography will increase the marketing potential of luxury real estate going forward.

As we are focused on new marketing technologies, Marschall Real Estate is excited to take the first steps in Austrian real estate. As we have our own drone and work alongside exceptional photographers and drone pilots, we can guarantee that our clients receive optimal views of our properties and their surroundings.

Silent is the flight drone, which moves into the air with the help of brushless high-performance electric motors. With its light weight it is just as agile and almost as graceful as a hawk.

With this technology it is now possible to use many interesting perspectives and angles, which were previously not accessible with the camera, as starting points for creative real estate or architectural photography.

In addition to aerial photography, 360-degree-panoramas are also possible, giving our customers a 360-degree view and creating a comprehensive overall view of the property.

Privacy and security are very important to potential buyers, especially for high-priced luxury real estate – through the aerial photographs of the property, interested parties can take a look at the immediate neighborhood and surroundings before the visit.


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