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Friday, March 31st, 2017

Vienna tops Mercer’s quality of living ranking again

Vienna, the city with the best quality of living

Vienna tops Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey 2017 for the 8th time consecutively and there is no doubt that the Austrian capital has a lot to offer.

Another new feature in this year’s survey along with the global and regional categories was a ranking of the cities with the best infrastructures. Drinking water, electricity supply, phone and internet services the health care system and public transport and access to international flights were just some factors included in the ranking of more than 440 cities. In this category Singapore tops the list, followed by the European cities of Frankfurt and Munich (2), Copenhagen (4), Dusseldorf (5), London and Hamburg (6) and Zurich (9).

Top 10 – Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Ranking

Eight European cities have been included in the international rankings, despite the political and economical instability that Europe has faced over recent years.

Cities situated in Western Europe, such as Vienna, Zurich, Munich and Dusseldorf have managed to maintain the same position they had in 2016, while Basel appears in the top 10 for the first time. Central Europe also provides entries in the form of Prague, Ljubljana and Budapest, with Prague taking the 69th spot. Generally, the majority of the European cities have maintained their position, except Brussels that fell from 21st to 27th place due to the terrorist attacks that took place in March 2016. St. Petersburg, Tirana (Albania) and Minsk (Belarus) came out the worst.

Vienna’s booming real estate market

As reported in our last blog entry, there is currently a wide range of highly luxurious building projects in Vienna – whether you want an exclusive and modern penthouse apartment overlooking the city or prefer a classic and elegant villa, Vienna offers the perfect property for every taste. The most exclusive development projects at the moment are the “Parkring 14”, a prestigious palace along the famous Ringstraße; the “Schillerplatz”, luxury penthouse apartments next to the Academy of Fine Arts or the “Hamerling”, a magnificent building, that was once home to the Imperial and Royal Cartographical Institute, to name a few. An investment in the safe haven Austria pays off.

If you consider moving to Vienna and enjoy living in the No.1 city in the world or if you plan on buying a second home for holidays, please do not hesitate to contact Marschall Real Estate, the experts on the Viennese real estate market.


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