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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Virtual viewings on the rise

Modern penthouse with an exquisite terrace

Virtual viewings, 3D-models and virtual reality – none of these concepts are brand new, but one thing for sure has changed over the last 2-3 years: they have become a lot more popular!

In October 2016, we went to London to collect our prize at the “European Property Awards” gala. We were invited to visit a real estate fair that was held in conjunction with the event; besides some very interesting lectures and round table discussions, there was also a virtual-reality glasses stand, although they were not ready for completion at the time. We were fascinated by this technology and started to think of ways we could implement this feature into our daily work, but after a while we came to the conclusion, that it would only benefit very few of our clients. Due to the relatively-high cost of producing a virtual-reality viewing, it would only make sense to use this technology for luxury building projects in the early construction phase, to give potential investors the chance to have a more realistic impression of the planned apartment or villa.

Exclusive property in Vienna

However for our general day-to-day work we wanted something, every client could benefit from and so we ended up choosing “virtual viewings”. So what is a virtual viewing you ask? In short, it is a series of 360° photos combined with an interactive video. The client can move through the property by clicking and dragging on the screen, allowing the client to get a very realistic impression of the property and show it to friends and family.

The implementation of the first viewings on our website is now finished and we invite you to have a look at some of them:

Exclusive penthouse next to the Opera House
Uniquely-designed villa ideal as an embassy
Modern penthouse apartment in beautiful location

This modern feature is not very widespread in Austria yet, as the majority of the online housing platforms do not support video embedding. Being one of the first agents in Austria to use this innovative feature, we hope to inspire our colleagues and have a positive impact on the modernisation of this sector.


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