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Friday, February 9th, 2018

Marschall Real Estate wins Immy-award for the 4th time!

Peter Marschall with the IMMYEvery year, the “Association of Real Estate and Asset Trustees” gives the so-called “IMMY-Award“ to the top 20 real estate agencies of Austria (out of more than 200!). The top 5 agencies get awarded with a golden „IMMY“, the Top 15 with a silver one. We are very happy to announce, that we won an IMMY award for the 3rd time in a row (4th time in total)!

With this award, the Association wants to show

– that real estate agents are well-trained professionals, who provide professional services to their clients
– that expert knowledge and competent advice make real estate agents indispensable partners in all matters related to real estate purchase, rent and administration
– which quality criteria and services should be self-evident for serious agencies

One very important aspect is how the clients are cared for and if the tested agency does provide adequate services. Via mystery shopping the agencies get tested for the following criteria:

– Quality of written information
– Reaction speed for inquiries
– Process of a viewing appointment
– Competence of employees
– Punctuality – friendliness – reliability

The Association wants to make it easier for the customer to distinguish reputable from dubious real estate agencies, as there are so many active agencies on the market. The award-winning companies are allowed to use a specific logo for two years, so that the customer can recognize a reputable company at a glance.

We hope that we can convince the jury again in the next few years by the quality of our work!


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