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Thursday, August 17th, 2017

The most sought-after exclusive property trends according to the report by Luxury Defined

One-lane indoor swimming pool

Luxury Defined is an international study of great prestige that analyses the trends in the luxury real estate sector and gathers a large amount of information provided by all exclusive members, amongst them Rimontgó, that form part of Christie’s International Real Estate.

In the 2017 edition Luxury Defined presents a list of the preferences for future buyers, regarding the properties installations. Over time, these trends will get even stronger.

The trends that stand out the most:

Privacy and security are two concepts that buyers want to improve in their properties. Safe rooms, doors with fingerprint recognition, Kevlar safety doors, and night vision cameras on the perimeters, are some of the installations that will be more common in high-end properties.

The kitchen is positioned as one of the focal areas of the house. Thanks to the importance that gastronomy has acquired in general, this is not only a work space, but a place that can be appreciated with close family.

The dressing room has evolved and now it not only serves as a storage space, but goes above and beyond. This is a space dedicated to personal enjoyment and relaxation.

Body and house are transforming into one entity. Body health and wellness is becoming even more essential, therefore, homeowners are looking for properties that boast one-lane indoor pools, saunas, fitness areas and massage rooms.

At home children, as much as adults want to enjoy sports and games. Therefore, the traditional tennis and paddle courts, as well as basketball courts and outdoor pools, now aggregate with, large billiard rooms ideal for enjoying with friends, private bowling alleys, indoor squash courts and large children play areas.

The renovation of buildings and properties that introduce a unique architectural design, for example, historic properties will be carried out so that the original architecture is preserved to obtain an end result with added value.

The relationship between art and exclusive living is reinforced. Both representing the lifestyle and taste of the owner. This concept of luxury property and art is also what Christie’s International Real Estate offers.


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