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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Olbia airport and Eccelsa terminal: their renovation and its consequences on the Sardinian real estate market

Private jet in Eccelsa terminal - Olbia Costa Smeralda airport

Data from 2016, demonstrates the significant importance of the Olbia airport and Eccelsa, a private jet terminal, within the Sardinian economy. 2017’s economic forecast is positive, aided by the increase in connections between the most populous areas in Europe with the Costa Smeralda & Gallura and increasing connections to Italy in general. Allowing passengers to arrive in an hour, three at most from Italy, as well as other European cities, gives the Costa Smeralda more relevance on the Mediterranean scene.

Record figures in Costa Smeralda airports

Throughout 2016, both airports received record amounts of passengers. This influx in foreign visitors, especially from Eastern and Central Europe, has seen a 14% increase in Olbia-Costa Smeralda, in comparison to last year. Eccelsa, has also experienced a significant increase with a 10% rise, mainly due to a surge in Arab visitors.

These positive results can be attributed to the appreciation and esteem attached to the region and a well-executed tourism campaign, that saw an increase in flights throughout the whole year, including during the low and mid seasons.

Olbia: changes for 2017

Geasar, the company responsible for Olbia airport’s administration, has planned to introduce, 89 routes this summer, of which 58 will be to/from international destinations.Eccelsa, will focus on guaranteeing better service, in regards to luggage and its passengers by incrementing terminal security for example.

Bright future for Costa Smeralda

Due to this significant arrival of national and international passengers that make use of the airport, it has resulted opportune to carry out reformation and renovation works promptly, particularly on the runway. Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that during the low-season there tends to be less passenger traffic, the airport will close in January 2018, for at least a month.

As a result, one anticipates that this will have a positive impact on the region, as the improvement of services and infrastructure, will inevitably provoke an increase in the value of the properties and Costa Smeralda’s residential areas.

The value of properties in Gallura

In answer to the question, Why Gallura?, there are multiple responses. Firstly, the fascinating natural environment where these luxury Costa Smeralda properties are located are protected by laws that prohibit the division of the land into plots. Furthermore, the areas where the houses and villas are located guarantee a high level of security and privacy, despite their close proximity to the amenities of Olbia city. Lastly, the rise in air traffic at Olbia airport, has turned the Costa Smeralda into a highly desired Mediterranean destination.

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