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Friday, January 24th, 2014

Luxury apartments at Citania: who owns them?

Stunning view over the Bay of Orzán, GaliciaVivienda Comfort succeeded in combining elegance, comfort and style with modern facilities, all under one roof: the apartments in the luxury residential complex Citania offer owners with an outstanding villa-like home just a short walk from beaches, parks and shopping districts. This unbeatable position boasts views over the Bay of Orzán yet is near to the historical centre of the bustling city of A Coruña, Galicia.

Bursting with restaurants, shops, businesses, public transport links, entertainment and cultural attractions, A Coruña is just a stone’s throw away from this magnificent contemporary complex in perhaps one of the most sought-after areas of Spain. The northern region of Galicia, whose coastline is indented with sweeping stretches of beaches, coves and bays, also enjoys a lush green countryside which is all less than 30 minutes drive from Citania. Charming villages, national parks and large expanses of open space are all within easy reach. Fast-speed connections to Madrid and the city’s own airport make A Coruña an extremely accessible city. Travel for less than half an hour and you’ll find yourself in the renowned Santiago de Compostela, endowed with its international airport.

Luxury residential complex, CitaniaSurfers, nature lovers and international businessmen alike are all drawn to A Coruña for its cultural, historical and gastronomic value, making it a booming centre for trade with important links to the Americas. This makes the apartments available in Citania incredibly desirable, not only for locals who want to live in a contemporary complex with superb facilities, but also for Spanish buyers who want to own in Galicia, and even for international visitors who fancy owning a second home in northern Spain. This group mainly comprises of British, French, Portuguese and other European nationalities who have been seduced by Galicia’s greenery and coastline, as well as its unique Celtic culture and flourishing business potential.

As a significant cruise destination, A Coruña is visited by thousands of North Americans every year who fall in love with the city and choose to purchase a second home there. Indeed perhaps the largest group of international buyers stems from South America, in particular from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Cuba, as Galician-born immigrants with Spanish ancestry wishing to return to their roots. This grants Citania with an incredibly diverse and rich cultural mix of owners and residents to match A Coruña’s own cosmopolitan vibe.


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