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Friday, July 9th, 2010

Palazzo Tornabuoni in Florence named one of the winner of the 2010 Award for Excellence by Urban Land Institute

Palazzo Tornabuoni is one of the very few urban residence clubs in Europe, and the first in the world to occupy a site of such historic and artistic significance (this is still the only Medici home in private hands). This special status is reflected in its unique title of “Palace Residence Club”, and its unrivalled membership services and privileges.

The Palazzo is located on one of Florence most famous streets – Via Tornabuoni. This neighbourhood of Florence is today the vibrant Tuscan city’s ‘fashion central, lined with stylish boutiques of all major label brands. Only steps away from the famous Duomo and a five-minute walk from Ponte Vecchio, the Palazzo is perfectly located to enjoy the bustling and vibrating city life of Florence.

The Awards for Excellence competition by the Urban Land Institute is widely recognized as the land use industry’s most prestigious recognition program. ULI describes the program as follows: “The competition is part of the Institute’s Awards for Excellence program, established in 1979, which is based on ULI’s guiding principle that the achievement of excellence in land use practice should be recognized and rewarded. ULI’s Awards for Excellence recognize the full development process of a project, not just its architecture or design. The criteria for the awards include leadership, contribution to the community, innovations, public/private partnership, environmental protection and enhancement, response to societal needs, and financial viability.”

Quite a time ago, I was able to travel to Florence and was visiting Palazzo Tornabuoni. The city of Florence is fascinating for itself, but Palazzo Tornabuoni caped it all off. When I entered the doors to Palazzo Tornabuoni, I could feel the historic significance and the history of the past. A friendly doorman welcomes you to the palazzo and guided me to the library. I was totally amazed by the high quality of the restoration. My experiences in Italy are not that great when it comes to quality of finishing’s, but the restoration of Palazzo Tornabuoni has been done with highest care into the last detail and finishing’s are just perfect.

Dave Purpora, Director of Sales at Palazzo Tornabuoni, met with me at the library and invited me for delicious glass of vine at the palazzo’s courtyard. He told me all about the history of Palazzo Tornabuoni and provided a short background of the buildings restoration. It took the developer five years to restore the Palazzo into residences. All residences are designed by Michele Nonan, who is an award-winning interior designer. A blend of great care to historic details for example at the original 16th-century frescos or the exquisite fireplace adorned with beautiful micro-mosaics in a mixture with contemporary elements, the Palazzo features high-end living in an historic environment, but with all the modern comfort of these days.

Palazzo Tornabuoni is a perfect getaway for all Italian lovers, art enthusiast and friends of fine living. There are several options to become owner of one a few residences available at Palazzo Tornabuoni. The residences are fractionalized into 1/8 shares, but there is also whole ownership offered. Whole ownership residences are part of the Palazzo Tornabuoni and each property is set among the various courtyards and terraced gardens. A few residences boast their own roof-top views of Florence and the Duomo. Whole ownership residences are between one and two bedrooms, with from one to three baths and range in price from 1.6M to 5.1M Euro. Various luxurious amenities and special offerings for its members are included and provide a perfect environment for a great stay in your own residence. Palazzo Tornabuoni will make you fall in love with Florence so you never want to leave again.


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