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Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

The partnership of Perry & Co with Rimontgó revolutionises the real estate’s website world

Positioning, design and differentiation are some of the characteristics that both companies work with when the time comes to develop their web pages

A meeting between José Ribes and Jon Larrance

Jon Larrance needs no introduction. Since 2002 he is the Chief Operating Officer of Perry & Co, one of the leading companies in the luxury real estate sector in Denver, with more than 60 realtors and close to 300 sales within the last year. A broad ranging project deserved a digital strategy at the height of it. It is for this reason that, exactly ten years ago, the American company decided to partner with Rimontgó, a Valencian company with which he has established a bond and a close collaboration in the field of digital information. So much so that the technical department of Rimontgó has designed the webpage of Perry & Co, and the software which operates the web page itself and its real estate properties: Renew .

It is true that Larrance has a good relationship with José Ribes, Chief Executive Officer of Rimontgó Valencia, but in addition, he is extremely satisfied with the work of his Spanish partner. He states that “When I go to conferences, I’m asked who has designed our website”. Among the main advantages, SEO is emphasised or, in other words, people can quickly find the website when searching the internet. He also values that once found, the webpage has an excellent design and that it reflects the personality of the company. “I feel it is essential to be unique, because many other Real estate web pages offer the same thing, there are hundreds of companies with very similar web pages. The key is to be different, and Rimontgó was doing just that, of which Perry & Co wanted to be part of”, he explains.


In this sense, Jon Larrance was completely involved in the digital project of his company, having continuous conversations with the IT manager of Rimontgó, Ignacio Artagoitia. “We work in a synchronised manner. From Perry & Co, we raised our idea, the technicians were responsible for their part, until everyone determined their place”, he says. And while every two years obvious changes on the web can occur, there are constant improvements in Renew; which is the software that manages it. “We are convinced that it is the best work tool, therefore, instead of looking for a new one, we will work to make it more efficient and make the most of it. I’m certain that if we keep working this way it will occur with the next update”, he says.

All this work starts from a firm commitment  for the development of the digital strategy in the luxury real estate world. We live in a revolutionary time and the client’s acquisition through these tools is becoming more common. “We have figured out that, since we started working with Rimontgó, our figures have increased by 20% or 30%”, Larrance states. It also occurs that, while before, the business used to come from loyal customers, now, there are new visits due to the better positioning. This allows us to approach people who had never come before and, therefore, improve sales”, concludes Perry & Co leader, one of the companies that, together with Rimontgó, has understood the need to keep evolving to be leaders, also in the new digital era.


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