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Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Rimontgó selected to exclusively market SAREB’s luxury properties

SAREB, the company for the management of assets proceeding from the restructuring of the banking system, has selected Rimontgó to market a portfolio of luxury properties in various regions of Spain including Majorca, Alicante and Aragón.

Palma, Majorca

In order to manage the important project entitled Paramount, Rimontgó has established a strategic alliance with Catella Property Group, the leading property consultancy in the European market present in twelve countries. Rimontgó provides this project with its extensive experience in the marketing of exclusive properties, as well as the vast technological knowledge in online marketing of its own experienced team of IT specialists which has gained worldwide prestige.

Amongst this selection of exclusive properties are luxury homes and grand, rustic-style country houses located in the historical quarter of Palma, Majorca and in towns such as CapdeperaPollençaCalvià and Andratx as well as more rural areas including ArtàMarratxí and Sencelles. One of this project’s most attractive assets is Biniés Castle, situated in Huesca.


There has been a significantly high demand for information from potential investors attracted by these luxury bank-owned properties, despite the short period of time that they have been on the market. The highly competitive  prices of these properties will undoubtedly persuade investors to restore their original grandeur.

Find out more about the portfolio of luxury properties marketed by Rimontgó.


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