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Friday, December 4th, 2015

The advantages of digital marketing: the main theme of EREN’s annual conference

2015 EREN Conference in Lugano Last month EREN’s annual conference took place in Lugano, Switzerland. Various members of the European Real Estate Network attended the event, including the Catalan company and most recent member, Amat Immobiliaris, represented by Guifré Homedes.During the meetings, members presented new confidential properties and set out their view of the current state of the luxury real estate market, information that will be used for the making of a report on its current state and future forecasts for the European luxury real estate market.

Eric Bryn at the 2015 EREN ConferenceFurthermore, new services that EREN will now offer to its members were announced to those present, for example its relationship with the media and its new digital marketing strategy. Concerning the latter, Eric Bryn (Managing Director of EREN) and Ignacio Artagoitia (IT Director at Rimontgó) showed the changes that have been carried out on the EREN website with its new structure and responsive design that make for better efficiency and better digital positioning. It is worth pointing out that this improvement in its positioning hasn’t been ordered by third parties, covering payment strategies, but is in fact a result of the effort put into its digital marketing strategy by the internal IT team. It must be emphasised that Google, the best search engine around, constantly changes its search and web positioning criteria, and so consequently this renovation has been carried out to adapt to the latest trends.

Eric Bryn, EREN’s principal consultant, and Ignacio Artagoitia, IT Director at RimontgóDespite launching the website just four months ago, the improvements made already show positive results such as the increase in the percentage of visits from mobile devices (by 40%), thanks to its adjustment to multiplatform use, or search engine improvements, thanks to the use of its “Long Tail” strategy that allows users to search for specific words and get more successful and accurate results. Other interesting facts in relation to the EREN website are the increase in the number of pages seen on each visit (70%) and the duration of such visits (125%). In relation to the bounce rates, this has notably decreased (by 30%) while the conversion rate has increased (110%).

Rimontgó, a founder member of EREN, has adopted a similar policy and proof of that is the recent renovation of its website to adapt to the new digital marketing trends.


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