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Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Dreams of castles can become a reality

Castle-style house in Xátiva

To own a castle is not a fantasy of our imagination. Beautiful castles are dotted all around the world, examples of this are, the medieval ruins of Dunottar Castle located on the north-east coast of Scotland and the picturesque and charming Eilean Donan Castle situated on a tidal island in Scotland. In Bavaria, raised 800m and surrounded by a hilly landscape, stands the magical Neuschwanstein castle of an enormous size resembling something out of a Disney book. Another example is the Bran castle in Romania. Other castles that don’t fall under the medieval category include the Himeji Castle in Japan boasting fine Japanese architectural design. Spain also boasts impressive castles such as the World Heritage Site, Álcazar Castle, and the symbolic Coca Castle located in Segovia, as well as the majestic Olite Castle in Navarra. The mythological Pena Palace in Portugal is another beautiful example.

Almost certainly you have either visited or dreamt about visiting one of these stunning fortresses, but have you ever thought about owning one of them? Making a castle your home? Exploring all its many secret rooms and hidden passageways? Overlooking its moat and surroundings from the towers? Well, dreams can become reality.

Sadly, the previously mentioned castles are not for sale, however the following property prides itself in its medieval design, boasting merlons, domes and stone walls, resembling an enchanted building that gives us the impression that we have stepped back in time.

We present to you this charming house for sale in Xátiva (Valencia), situated on the hillside of a mountain surrounded by trees and shrubs, on a plot of 6.000m2 and offering fabulous panoramic views. The flooring and walls of the property are covered in classic stone, emphasising the “castle” look, while the patios convey an out-of-the-ordinary appearance as they are accessorised with statues of knights. In addition to all this, it also consists of more modern commodities such as, a swimming pool, a barbecue area, a sun terrace and a luxury garage.

Cobblestone terrace

This property has a built area of 300m2 spread over two floors and comprises four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The interior of this house comprises various original features that convey both a cosy and traditional historical feeling. Examples of this are the gorgeous high ceilings with exposed beams and either wooden or cobblestone flooring. This house is perfect for all-year-round living as the large terrace or the balconies are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the warm summer days. While the inviting stone fireplace in the snug living room will provide warmth in the cold winter season.

Stone fireplace

These unique yet delightful properties need and equally enthusiastic owner. The property can be acquired for under 1,000,000€, a worthwhile price in exchange for a rustic castle-like property representative of the era. Many fabulous nights can be spent in this castle of your dreams. Be the king of your own fortress.



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