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Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

EREN annual conference 2017

EREN members – Annual conference, 2017

This year EREN (European Real Estate Network), a specialised network in the luxury real estate sector, celebrated their annual conference in April in Austria, more specifically in the city of Kitzbühel. Representatives from 13 companies, who form part of the said real estate network, attended the event originating from six European countries.

Gornik Immobilien was in charge of directing this conference where they analysed the latest trends in the luxury real estate market and assessed the internal operations of EREN. Furthermore, the participating members had the opportunity to propose various profiles of European companies for their incorporation in EREN.

With the purpose to strengthen the relationship between the members of EREN and give everyone a general vision of the situation in the European high-end real estate sector, each participant presented a report on the current situation in the real estate sector for their respective countries.

Rimontgó, a founding member of EREN, had a leading role, as their managing director, José Ribes, and the manager of the Information Technology department, Ignacio Artagoitia, spoke about the latest digital marketing trends. The conference finished with a presentation on the new management system for the properties of EREN that has been carried out by the development team in the Valencia company.


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