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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Rimontgó becomes part of ESADE’s China Europe Club

Rimontgó becomes a new member of ESADE’s China Europe ClubOn the 6th April, Ivana Casaburi, the head of ESADE’s China Europe Club met with José Ribes, the director of Rimontgó, to sign the adherence of the real estate consultancy firm to this association.

China Europe Club belongs to the ESADE business school, settled in Barcelona, which brings together different Asian firms that operate in Spain and other European countries, and whose mission it is to promote the cooperation between Chinese and European organisations and companies.

The incorporation of Rimontgó to this prestigious organisation is the result of excellent work and an internationalisation strategy carried out by the company in recent years. Thus, the company has wanted to strengthen its investment department and add to its professional team a lawyer, specialist in Chinese investment management, and a chief executive with a lot of professional experience in Asia.

Ivana Casaburi and José RibesThe same day, in Valencia’s Westin Hotel, Casaburi presented ESADE’s new report about Chinese investment in Spain. Following this, Spain is one of the better positioned countries in Europe with regards to a receiving country of Chinese investment, with real estate being one of the sectors receiving the largest amount of investment. In the presentation Ivana Casaburi spoke about the investments that Asia has made on a worldwide and European level. In this sense, Spain has climbed positions and the future foresight is equally positive.

One the other hand, the head of ESADE’s China Europe Club explained that the crisis that the Chinese economy experienced will not provoke a lower investment, however it will continue to increase, although there will be a notable difference amongst countries.


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