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Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Rimontgo introduces virtual reality to its digital marketing strategy

Property tour

Nowadays, having an excellent digital marketing strategy plays a key role in the success of any company, but it’s not an easy job.

Here at Rimontgo, we know that in order to maintain our position as market leader in the luxury real estate sector and offer a better service to our clients, we have to keep up-to-date with constant changes in the digital marketing world. However, we are also aware that we need to choose a digital marketing strategy that benefits not just our company, but also our clients. Below, we will lay out and analyse the pros and cons of implementing the latest trends in this sphere.

Among the most innovative and interesting tools, are without doubt 3D and virtual reality technology, as both offer great benefits, especially in the luxury real estate sector. Bearing this in mind, we at Rimontgo have dedicated time and effort adapting to this technology in order to improve our client experience.

In March 2015, we began to offer 3D web tours on our website, allowing our clients to view some of Valencia and the Costa Blanca’s most exclusive properties from their own homes. Thanks to this technology, developed in the USA, users can access a 3D plan of the property and also view the inside on Rimontgo’s web page.

3D plan of the property

At the end of 2016, aware of the virtual reality boom and the arrival of virtual reality technology in the home, we wanted to take advantage of this and go one step further, by introducing virtual reality tours.

Accessing the tour is easy, you just need to own a pair of virtual reality glasses, install the relevant app on your smartphone and enter some of the exclusive properties on our webpage. Once on the page of the property you would like to view, you just have to click on the ‘Tour RV’ icon, and you will be sent a link to open in the virtual reality glasses app and that’s it! You can view the property without leaving the comfort of your home.

This new function allows clients to virtually view different homes and compile a shortlist of properties from home, saving time when they come to view them in person.

And this is why, at Rimontgo we believe that the implementation of virtual reality technology in the real estate sector could be the ideal solution for the foreign buyer.


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