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Monday, August 25th, 2014

A great investment in Spain is an investment in real estate

Elegant villa offering views

When investing in exclusive real estate, two key factors to take into account are location and quality of product. However, the price of properties should also be an important consideration for those looking to buy a residence. Due to the numerous properties on offer in Spain which combine top quality and great location with a very reasonable asking price, an investment in high-profile real estate is strongly recommended to those interested in making a financial venture in our country.

Bright, open-plan indoor areaSpain offers properties in prime locations along the coast and in the best neighbourhoods in large cities. Some of the most sought-after areas include the towns of Altea, Dénia and Jávea, located beside the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Blanca. These locales boast exquisite developments such as Balcón al Mar and La Mezquida, and feature luxury properties which combine careful design with high levels of quality and privacy. For these reasons they offer many advantages to potential investors.

Luxury villa with pool and gardenOther excellent properties can be found in Spain’s major cities, including Valencia and Madrid. These in-demand urban centres are also home to stunning residences in ideal locations, primarily in the Eixample and Av. de Francia districts of Valencia, and the El Viso neighbourhood in the Spanish capital. Not to be forgotten, of course, are the residential areas on the outskirts of these cities: famous and sought-after for their world-renowned schools. They include Las Rozas in Madrid, and Campolivar, Santa Bárbara and Los Monasterios in Valencia.

Exquisite loungeIn recent years there has been a drop in property prices in Spain, directly caused by the economic crisis, and this has particularly affected the luxury real estate sector, in which average house prices are estimated to have fallen by 20%. Despite this economic downturn, is it now widely predicted that the market is currently stabilising, and that a consequent rise in house prices is on the horizon, particularly in the aforementioned areas of Spain. In the interest of a future recovery, such a changing trend in the sector may take hold within the next few years, meaning that an investment in luxury real estate in the short to medium term could result in a profitable return in the future.

Following the passing of the ‘Entrepreneurship Law‘ in September 2013, a significant number of Chinese investors have become very active in the Spanish property sector. They have joined a wide array of Dutch, German, French, Belgian, Scandinavian, Italian and Russian nationals for whom an investment in Spanish real estate poses many advantages. But what attracts these foreign nationalities to our country? As we have seen, the properties on offer are well-priced and bring together prime location and quality design and build, but Spain also boasts a favourable tax system, excellent healthcare services, prestigious international schools and universities, and the best quality of life in Europe. The latter mainly stems from a combination between an exceptional gastronomy, climate, culture, geography and history.


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